Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Summary of Grand Cafe

Storyline – The Grand Café is the story of 4 women who have immigrated to America from different countries. They all want to start their own businesses, and became friends through a business start-up class they take together. They meet each week in the Grand Café to discuss their aspirations, struggles, and triumphs.

C.E.O. Women is a local nonprofit organization that provides business start-up and English language training to immigrant women. We are producing the first 6 episodes of an 18-episode educational video series for low-income immigrant and refugee women who want to start their own businesses. The video series uses the Latin Telenovela format (spoken in English) to teach women business startup skills combined with English as a Second Language.

We’ll be shooting in Pleasanton and Oakland, CA from May 4 to May 23. This is a non-union, non-SAG affiliated show.

Grand Cafe Calendar